Truck/commercial vehicle electronics: Spare parts & accessories

Quality spare parts at fair prices

From the NOx sensor, ABS spiral cable, temperature sensor to the blinker relay

We offer the right spare part for your electronics 

Whether indicators, ABS or NOx sensors – nothing works in modern commercial vehicles without electronics. But even with the best quality, the sensitive technology is prone to failure over time. This is where PE comes into play as a strong partner for retailers and fleet and vehicle operators.

We support our customers with a wide range of spare parts for all types of commercial vehicles such as trucks and trailers. We rely on the same uncompromising quality as original equipment manufacturers and offer attractive prices thanks to years of market experience and optimized supply chains.

Our extensive range covers spare parts for electronics of all common brands: from suitable for Iveco, MAN and Mercedes Benz to Renault, Scania, DAF and Volvo, for example.

Your advantages with spare parts for electronics from PE

  • Fast delivery  
  • Personal advice  
  • Comprehensive range 
  • In original equipment quality 

Endurance test passed

Our spare parts in the race truck

The largest and most impressive racing series in the world, the Goodyear FIA European Truck Racing Championship (ETRC), is a unique motorsport spectacle in a class of its own.

Since the team was founded in 2016, PE has been supporting the T SPORT Bernau team with high-quality products and custom-made products that pass all endurance tests on the race track.

Electronics for an advanced driving experience

German Engineering for repairs in line with current value

There is a large selection of electronic components in commercial vehicles. Some are for driving comfort, others for safety and still others are required by law to protect the environment. In short, they are all important. That is why we offer you a large selection of high-quality spare parts in the field of electronics. We would like to present a small selection of these in more detail.

An overview of our spare parts for electronics:

  • NOx sensors
  • ABS / EBS coiled cable
  • Indicator relay
  • Temperature sensors
  • Many more electronic
    vehicle parts in the PE-Shop

NOx sensor – for exhaust gas measurement

The nitrogen oxide sensor – NOx sensor for short – measures the nitrogen oxides in the exhaust gas. The component consists of two chambers and requires electricity for measurement. Due to the complex structure of both chambers, defects can quickly occur here, and this can be costly. This is because NOx monitoring, in which the emissions emitted are documented, is mandatory. So when it comes to spare parts for your NOx sensor, it’s better to go for quality. Our experts will be happy to advise you! 

ABS spiral cable – for a strong connection 

Our seven-pole EBS/ABS spiral cables are indispensable in the field of electronics for trucks and trailers. They provide a reliable connection and, with a length of over four meters, offer maximum flexibility of use. Our spare parts meet the highest safety standards and ensure error-free data transmission in EBS and ABS systems.

Temperature sensor – keep a cool head 

The load on trucks, commercial vehicles and trailers is extreme and pushes many an engine to peak performance. Temperature sensors play an important role in preventing overheating. The measuring devices are located in the cooling water and indicate overheating in good time to prevent major damage. If you skimp on the quality of spare parts, you risk engine damage in the worst case. For this reason, you should only install high-quality temperature sensors. Here, too, our experts are at your side. 

Areas of application:

  • Exhaust gas temperature
  • Coolant temperature
  • Oil temperature


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