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Whether suitable for Iveco, MAN, Mercedes Benz or Renault, Scania and Volvo, for example – we have the right spare parts and accessories for your compressed air systems.
We work in partnership with retailers, fleet and vehicle operators and workshops. This not only means that we offer you a large selection of spare parts for air compressors , but also that we have the two most important aspects right:
outstanding quality and an ideal value for money ratio.

Your benefits with spare parts for compressed air systems from PE

  • Fast delivery 
  • Personal advice 
  • Comprehensive range
  • In original equipment quality

Endurance test passed

Our spare parts in the race truck

The largest and most impressive racing series in the world, the Goodyear FIA European Truck Racing Championship (ETRC), is a unique motorsport spectacle in a class of its own.

Since the team was founded in 2016, PE has been supporting the T SPORT Bernau team with high-quality products and custom-made products that pass all endurance tests on the race track.

The compressed air system as the driving force

German Engineering for repairs in line with current value

A wide selection – our spare parts for air pressure systems

It is not always necessary to replace the entire system in the event of a defect. So that we can offer you a high-quality, functional and economically viable alternative, we have a wide selection of accessories and spare parts for compressed air systems in our range.

Our complete range for trucks and trailers includes

  • Compressed air sourcing
  • Tools that use compressed air
  • Compressed air connections
  • Compressed air screw connections
  • Plug connectors
  • Cylinder

What does an air pressure system do?

Many important functions in commercial vehicles, trucks and trailers are controlled by air pressure, including the brakes.

The principle is simple: the air pressure system draws in ambient air and compresses it. This is why air pressure systems are also called air compressors. The compressed air flow has enough energy to drive numerous processes. However, the forces involved can quickly lead to wear and defects, so high-quality spare parts for air pressure systems are just as important as top-quality accessories.

What functions do air pressure systems control?

Air pressure systems are responsible for important functions. These include, for example:

  • Actuating brakes
  • Operating accessories

High-quality spare parts such as our products therefore not only ensure that the vehicle functions smoothly, but are also crucial for safety.


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