6 questions for Julian

What did you like best during your training

What I liked most was the variety. The large storage area and the many different products offer new challenges every day, so I got better every day. I also really enjoyed the extracurricular activities, such as visiting the falconry and planning a Christmas market stall.

What tasks did you take on after your training?

It remains varied even after the training. As I got to know all areas during my training, I can now work anywhere. I can now take on more responsibility and work independently. I am currently picking goods in the various warehouses. That’s what I like best.

What do you particularly like about PE?

The working atmosphere at PE is very good. We all have a friendly relationship and get on very well. We are all one team.

What do you take away from your training?

I have developed personally. The training is a piece of life experience that has made me more independent and grown up.

Why was the training right for you?

As I had already worked in the logistics sector before, it was clear to me that I wanted to do my training in this area too. The training has taught me many new activities and I can now do the job that I enjoy.

What advice do you give to new / future trainees?

Make friends during your training. I’ve made some really good friends here that have lasted until after my apprenticeship. Go through with the training, it’s worth it. Time flies faster than you think.

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